Ceramic module BP5725 6pin quality assurance

Ceramic module BP5725 6pin quality assurance
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Oписание продукта

Product Description: UB112-2-U-1 voltage output
UB112-2-I-1 current output
UB112-1-P-1 PNP output
UB112-1-N-1 NPN output
Ultrasonic distance sensor, is the use of integrated waterproof probe, the design of a high-performance ranging controller. The principle of ultrasonic echo ranging is used to measure the distance between the sensor and the object by using the precise time difference measurement technology. Transparent objects or colored objects, metal objects, non-metallic objects, as well as solid, liquid or powder material can be detected.
Ranging principle: ultrasonic pulse ultrasonic detection of hair from the media through the air to the measured object, after being reflected by the air medium is returned to the ultrasonic probe, ultrasonic pulse is measured from transmitting to receiving in the air medium time. According to the velocity of sound in the air medium, we can calculate the distance from the ultrasonic probe to the surface of the object. So we can calculate the distance between the probe and the reflector s = v*t/2 (divided by 2 is because the sound waves from the transmitter to the receiver actually go back and forth, s is the distance, V is the sound speed, t is the time).
Product features:
1, high protection level;
2, wide power supply, low power consumption;
3, easy to use, easy to operate;
4, high measurement accuracy, high resolution;
5, detection distance, data stability;
6, can be selected with high-precision temperature output and temperature compensation function, the default is not with temperature compensation;
7, with a physical trumpet shell, a good directivity and stability;
8, the output compatibility is good, there is a general RS232 output and voltage analog output, this default is 0~10V output.
Product application:
1, high-precision ranging;
2, obstacle avoidance, automatic control;
3, objects close to the existence of awareness;
4, traffic control;
5, security, industrial control;
6, artificial intelligence, teaching research;
7, ultrasonic liquid level control;